Breast cancer may leave a fading scar, but you can leave a lasting ​Mark

About PinkMarked

Hope. Family. Future. That’s what the PinkMarked movement is about. We are propelled by the belief that together, as families and communities, we are bigger than cancer. Cancer has left a scar on many of our lives.

The women who battle breast cancer every day, and the families who surround them, know this to be an unwavering certainty. However, those same women have shown us all what it means to fight for something bigger than one’s own self, to leave a legacy beyond illness and even beyond life itself.

Pink|Marked was conceived in 2017 by Jessica Mary Philip. The original idea was a blog and a forum community for women to support each other and provide essential services during their journey to recovery after diagnosis.

Jess was many things, a wife, a sister, a daughter, but above all else, she was a mother. It was her passion for motherhood, and the recognition of how many young women hope for the same maternal legacy, that led to the development of our mission as it exists today.

PinkMarked - Jessica Mary Philip

Jessica Mary Philip

Our Mission

A cancer diagnosis is devastating at any age, however, young mothers are typically diagnosed with aggressive forms of breast cancer that face specific familial, social and financial hardships. With ​Pink​Marked, you can help provide young women diagnosed with breast cancer the necessary services to assist in increasing survival rates.

Pink​Marked’s vision is to remove as many obstacles as possible so young women can focus on treatment and recovery. Ideally, 80% or more breast cancer survivors have received financial and counseling related assistance for essential services of cancer stricken mothers.